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#27 - Super bowl 2017 - 01/14/2017 - 14:17
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#24 - Dave Flang - 01/10/2017 - 10:47
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My kids attended Victory Bible Christian. The experience they had with the school was great. They would probably never forget Victory Bible Christian School.
#10 - Skque Family - 08/20/2016 - 01:35
Steve Darts
The Victory Bible Christian School is great.
#9 - Steve Darts - 07/11/2016 - 18:20
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The teachers are godly and the academic training is exceptional. I would highly encourage any parent who lives in or around the Irmo area to prayerfully consider this school, even if they live a half-hour away as we do.
#8 - essay writer online - 02/22/2016 - 18:34
I am so thankful for a school where my child can receive a great education. It is also refreshing, as I look in my child's reading book that, God Created the Heavens and the Earth, because the Bible Says so. Praise God!!! Keep up the GREAT WORK.
#7 - Tommy - 02/21/2013 - 15:06
Quantitative Analyst at SCANA
Our two daughters are attending Victory Bible Christian School. Currently, one is in the 2nd grade, and the other one is in Kindergarten. Both of them stay for the after school care as well. In the past two and a half years, we had many opportunities to observe the dedicated teachers, the well-trained children, the solid academics, and the exceptional character training. As we have told many of our friends, we really trust the teachers and we are very happy with the school.

The school excels in character training, which really sets it apart from other schools. The A Beka curriculum itself emphasizes Christian character. School activities including the morning Bible studies, student self-management responsibilities, student chores, etc. help to train their character throughout the day. Moreover, all of the teachers are great role models for the students and the older students are good role models for the younger students. The school is like a big family. It produces happy children that get along with each other and who are wise and mature. I personally also take a lot of comfort knowing that our children get to know God well through the training they receive at school. I know that God is their own God, and He loves them more than I do and He leads them better than I can.

For those who are used to traditional school settings, the DVD teaching approach may be of some concern. Based on our experience, the A Beka curriculum is a sound curriculum. It is especially strong in phonics and reading. The ‘monitor teachers’ are great teachers and the children do bond with them. The on-site teachers do a great job managing the classes and checking students’ work. The students are trained to manage their own studies and be responsible for their own work. All together, the school work does not require much parental supervision and the students’ academic achievement is quite impressive as demonstrated by their test scores.

The relative lack of facilities and resources may be seen as a weakness by some. Even though the school does not have a well-equipped play ground, the children enjoy playing various ball games. They are entertained and get plenty of exercise. All teachers at the school are very talented, creative, and great at multitasking. With their exceptional dedication, their achievements exceed my expectations. They offer great music and art training, and put together impressive programs several times each year. They also give plenty of personal attention to individual students in nurturing their character development and helping them to excel academically. If one is concerned that their children may miss out on some activities offered by other schools, I personally feel it’s an issue that can be easily addressed through extracurricular activities, which many children today normally participate in. In comparison, it would be much harder for parents to compensate for what this school offers in terms of character training and academic achievement. The choice wasn’t hard for us.
#6 - Yanjun - 01/02/2009 - 21:03
Professor, Univeristy of South Carolina
I enrolled two of my children in Victory Bible Christian School. The oldest child has just graduated from the VBCS Elementary School, and the younger child is currently in the 4th grade. My wife and I are considering sending my youngest child to VBCS in fall 2009 when he will be five years old. Why are we a big fan of the School? Because the school offers my children everything they need: a caring faculty, a challenging curriculum, and a family-oriented learning environment. Academically, my children have achieved great results in national standardized tests. Socially, they are happy, having made good friends. Morally, they learn fundamental values based on the Bible. I see strong characters being built from their schooling at VBCS. We’re blessed to have such a wonderful school for our children to learn and grow!
#5 - Ran - 12/07/2008 - 22:29
General Manager - Bruster's Ice Cream #203
We have two children attending the school for the second year. This school has made a significant difference in the lives of my children both academically and personally. We learned of the school when we opened our store. We noticed a pattern very early in our business. The students who were in this school were our top performing employees. They had outstanding character and motivation. They were trustworthy and dependable. Wise beyond their years in many ways. We knew immediately that we wanted to send our children to this school. The investment is well worth it and I would ask that you contact the school for a visit or more information.
#4 - Lisa - 11/18/2008 - 19:42
Department Chair of Mathematics, Midlands Technical College
Our two children began attending Victory Bible Christian School this fall and my wife and I consider it a tremendous blessing for our family. We home-schooled our oldest through the third grade and he is now in fourth grade. Our youngest is in K-4. Our children look forward to going to school each day, are being challenged and encouraged spiritually and academically, and enjoy their new friendships with the other children. The teachers are godly and the academic training is exceptional. I would highly encourage any parent who lives in or around the Irmo area to prayerfully consider this school, even if they live a half-hour away as we do. We have found the driving time to not be a significant hardship, as it provides for good communication and study time. The school will welcome your visit and be glad to answer any questions that you might have.

Rick Bailey
#3 - Rick - 11/18/2008 - 14:41
My wife and I are parents of two children that attend Victory Bible Christian School. They are currently in the 2nd and 3rd grade and have been attending since 1st grade. As young parents just recently out of the public school system ourselves (within the past 10 years), it is truly amazing to see the difference in what Bible-based curriculum can offer. The staff at the school is very experienced, and they do a wonderful job of making our children feel safe and secure. Our children get more than great academics taught by experienced staff with personalized attention. The most important value that they take home EVERY DAY is God's Word. Implementing the Bible into a daily routine of academics will encourage,strengthen,and challenge your children to be respectful and accountable for their work and actions. We are extremely thankful that we found Victory Bible Christian School.
#2 - Jay and Chrissy - 11/14/2008 - 15:28
Public Elementary School Teacher
I am the parent of two children who have attended Victory Bible Christian School since they entered K-5. One of those is about to graduate in 2009 with an education that is, in my opinion, second to none. My children are challenged on a daily basis both academically and socially to be and do their best! Because they are challenged from a Biblical perspective, they have a solid foundation from which to view their world. Students at VBCS consistently perform better on standardized test than their peers across the nation. Most of all, I know my children are being taught by a faculty that has a true concern for the welfare of my children. They consistently reinforce the charter training I am teaching my children, through example and practice. There is no other place I would trust the education of my children to. Finally, as a single parent, I have found Victory Bible Christian School to be an affordable way to invest in the future of my children.
#1 - Candy - 11/12/2008 - 16:12
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