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Archived Series
The Gospel of John
Dr. Chris Shepler

"But these are written, that ye might believe that Jesus is the Christ . . ."
John 20:31
Jesus, Our Great Eternal God John 1:1-18
Jesus, the Light and Life of Men John 1:4-13
God's Marvelous Grace John 1:14-17
The Clarity and Simplicity of the Gospel John 1:12
Jesus Is the Lamb of God John 1:19-34
The Andrew Christian John 1:35-42
Salvation Is Not a Process John 1:43-51
The Beginning of Miracles John 2:1-12
Jesus, Our Greatest Friend John 3:1-7
It's All About Christ! John 3:22-30
The Lover and Pursuer of Souls John 4:1-14
God's Kind of Burden John 4:27-43
The Worker of Miracles John 4:27-43
The Miracle That Brought Conflict John 5:1-16
The Claims of Christ John 5:16-24
Two Hours and Two Resurrections John 5:25-36
That All Men Should Honor the Son John 5:31-46
A Faith to Reward John 6:1-14
Learning God's Sufficiency John 6:15-21
How Wonderful Jesus Is! John 6:22-35
The Security of the Believer John 6:35-40
The Bread of Life John 6:35-58
Will You Also Go Away? John 6:60-71
Who Is this Person, Jesus? John 7:1-13
Of God or Of Man? John 7:14-29
Rivers of Living Water John 7:37-39
Forgiven John 8:1-11
He's the I AM John 8:12-24
Soulwinning with Jesus John 8:25-36
They Didn't Want the Truth John 8:37-50
When Faith Is Missing John 8:51-59
Let's See Jesus John 9:1-7
The Blind Who Will Not See John 9:6-16
The Good Shepherd John 10:1-14
The Good Shepherd John 10:11, 14-18
Election Day John 10:19-21
Real People, Real World, Real Faces, Real Lord John 11:1-6
Jesus' Miraculous Resurrection Power John 11:38-46
Growing in Spirit John 12:1-8
The Triumphal Entry John12:12-19
The Shadow of the Cross John 12:20-33
Growing in Sound Doctrine
(What's Wrong With Lordship?)
John 12:42-43
Judgment to Come John 12:44-50
Do Your Feet Need Washing? John 13:1-11
Sonship vs Discipleship John 13:12-17
Times of Growing John 13:21-38
The Cure for Troubled Hearts John 14:1-6
Greater Works Than These John 14:7-15
Can God Be Seen Through You? John 14:7-16
Encouragement for a Troubled Heart John 14:16-26
Peace for a Troubled Heart John 14:27-31
Fruit Bearing John 15:1-8
Becoming a Friend of Christ John 15:9-14
God's Plan for Our Lives John 15:15-17
Hated or Liked--What's It Going to Be? John 15:18-25
Truth; Not Error John 16:7-15
When Sorrow Turns to Joy John 16:16-22
Four Resources in Trials John 16:33
Jesus Glorified the Father John 17:1-5
Our Sanctification John 17:14-19
Which Shall Believe on Me John 17:20-26
The Great I Am John 18:1-11
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Archived Series
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