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Going on for the Next 40 Years Philippians 3:13-14
Prepare for Revival Psalm 85:1-13
The Church that Doesn't Need God Revelation 3:14-22
Pastor & Mrs. Seydlitz
Introduction to the Life of Jacob Genesis 25:19-34
Isaac Learns to Trust the Lord Genesis 26:1-17
Isaac Learns to Trust the Lord (part 2) Genesis 26:6-33
Lessons to Learn from Isaac and Rebekah Genesis 27:1-25
The Stolen Blessing Genesis 27:18-25
Jacob Reaps the Results of His Choices Genesis 28:1-22
God Trains Jacob to be a Man Genesis 29:1-11
The Battle of the Brides Genesis 29:31-30:24
The Battle of the Brides (Part II) Genesis 29:31-30:24
Jacob Learns Faith and Obedience Genesis 30:25-43
How to Stay Close to God in Prosperity Genesis 31
Trusting the Power of God Through our Problems Genesis 32:1-31
Jacob Surrenders to God Genesis 32:22-32
Jacob Falls Back Genesis 33:1-20
The Return to Bethel Genesis 35:1-20
When the Heathen are Blessed Genesis 36:1-43
The Character of Joseph Genesis 37:1-4
Joseph's Dreams Genesis 37:5-11
God's Plans Sometimes Takes Hard Turns Genesis 37:12-36
Winning Over Temptation Genesis 39:1-12
What to Do When Everything Goes Wrong Genesis 39:13-23
Life in Limbo Genesis 40:1-23
The Test of Success Genesis 41:1-57
The Conscience Genesis 42:1-28
Four Don'ts in Hard Times Genesis 42:29-43:14
The Test of Grace Genesis 43:15-34
The Final Exam Genesis 44:1-34
Forgiveness Genesis 45:1-45
Following the Lead of God Genesis 45:16-46:7
Christ Will Be Exhalted Genesis 46:29-47:31
The Mystery of the Crossed Hands Genesis 48:1-22
Character Matters Genesis 49:1-12
Making a Difference Genesis 50:1-26
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Second Peter Series Link
Service Times
Archived Series
Second Peter Series Link
Service Times
Archived Series
Second Peter Series Link
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Second Peter
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How To Share Christ
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Ephesians Series
The Life of Elijah
Elijah Series
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