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The Power of the Blood-43rd Anniversary Romans 3:25
Redeeming the Time Ephesians 5:15-16
MADD--Mothers Against the Devil's Devices Proverbs 31:10-31
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Acts of the Apostles Link
Introduction to 1 Samuel Acts 3:24
When a Nation Leaves God I Samuel 1:1-8
Hannah Made a Vow I Samuel 1:9-28
Hannah's Song I Samuel 2:1-10
Permissive Parenting I Samuel 2:11-36
Samuel's Call I Samuel 3:1-21
The Glory is Departed I Samuel 4:1-22
Who Is in Control? I Samuel 5:1-6:21
Serve the Lord Only I Samuel 7:1-6
Ebenezer: The Lord Helped I Samuel 7:7-14
Who Do You Want To Be Like? I Samuel 8:1-5
The High Cost of Getting Your Own Way I Samuel 8:6-22
Are You Goodly or Godly? I Samuel 9 & 10
Having Victory at Victory I Samuel 11:1-11
The Choice is Yours I Samuel 12
The Beginning of Defeat I Samuel 13
Are You a Saul or a Jonathan? I Samuel 14:1-15
A Kingly Failure I Samuel 14:16-52
Saul is Rejected I Samuel 15
How's Your Heart?  Part 1 I Samuel 16:1-10
How's Your Heart?  Part 2 I Samuel 16:11-23
Is There Not a Cause? I Samuel 17:1-30
Who Are You Trusting? I Samuel 17:31-58
What a Friend I Samuel 18:1-5
The Testing of Faith I Samuel 18:5-30
The Intercession of Jonathan I Samuel 19:1-7
God Is In Control I Samuel 19:8-24
One Step From Death I Samuel 20:1-3
Jonathan and David I Samuel 20:4-42
Two Lessons For David I Samuel 21:1-9
Out of the Frying Pan I Samuel 21:10-15
Lessons From A Caveman I Samuel 22:1-4
Abide Not In the Hold I Samuel 22:5
Who Are You Like? I Samuel 22:6-19
David Enquired of the Lord I Samuel 23:1-13
Refining and Refreshing I Samuel 23:14-18
The Rock of Division I Samuel 23:19-29
David's Mercy I Samuel 24:1-22
The Death of Samuel I Samuel 25:1
David and Nabal (part 1) I Samuel 25:2-22
David and Nabal (part 2) I Samuel 25:12-38
David Spares Saul Again I Samuel 26:1-25
David is Down in the Dumps I Samuel 27:1
Living Among the Philistines I Samuel 27:1-12
The Lord Answered Him Not I Samuel 28:3-6
Saul Seeks Out A Witch I Samuel 28:7-20
Who Is Your Master? I Samuel 29
Revival From the Ruins I Samuel 30:1-8
God's Way is Better I Samuel 30:8-20
Staying By the Stuff I Samuel 30:21-25
A Failed Experiment I Samuel 31:1-13
The Sin of Suicide I Samuel 31:4-6