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Introduction to I Peter I Peter 1:1-9
Who are the Elect? I Peter 1:1-2
Does God Give Us the Faith? I Peter 1:3-5, 9
Three Reasons We Are Not Calvinistic
(We're not Arminian Either)
Understanding Biblical Predestination Ephesians 1:3-6
Summarizing the Issue of Calvinism I Peter 1:1-5
Faith Under Fire I Peter 1:3-9
Wonderful, Magnificent, Marvelous--Our Salvation I Peter 1:1-16
Obedient and Holy I Peter 1:13-17
Passing Our Sojourning in Fear I Peter 1:13-25
Our Need to Love One Another I Peter 1:22
The Precious Blood of Christ I Peter 1:18-25
Born of Incorruptible Seed I Peter 1:23-2:3
Growing in Christ I Peter 2:1-3
Three Huge Spiritual Blessings I Peter 2:3-8
Privileges and Responsibility I Peter 2:9-12
Christian Responsibility I Peter 2:11-17
Four Christian Responsibilities I Peter 2:17
A Testimony to Uphold I Peter 2:18-25
Christ's Church at Its Best I Peter 3:8-9
Loving Life and Seeing Good Days I Peter 3:8-12
Suffering for Righteousness' Sake I Peter 313-17
Victory Through Suffering I Peter 3:18-22
What It Doesn't Say I Peter 3:18-22
Let's Get Serious I Peter 4:1-7
A Lesson About the Christian Life I Peter 4:8-11
The Pastor I Peter 5:1-4
Life in the Church I Peter 5:4-6
Casting Your Cares Upon the Lord I Peter 5:7
How to Handle the Attacks of the Wicked One I Peter 5:8-9
Ephesians Series
I Peter Sermons
Other Recent Sermons
He Is Able Ephesians 3:13-21
Jesus Who Is Our Light Isaiah 9:1-7
A Time of Worship I Chronicles 29:10-20
The Life of Elijah
Elijah Series