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Our students consistently test above grade level!
The modern . . .   VBCS classrooms probably don't look quite like the classrooms you grew up in.  That's because we use a non-traditional delivery method coupled with a traditional classroom setting.  VBCS uses the Pensacola Christian Academy DVD  program from A Beka Book.  Our students receive instruction from A Beka's hand-picked teachers while getting all the help and interaction they need from our own teachers.

Does it really work?  Yes!  And you're welcome to see for yourself.  Call 781-6970 to set up a visit to see "video school" in action.
Building Academic Excellence with Biblical Character Since 1984
Our students consistently test above grade level!
A Bit of the Old, A Bit of the New

VBCS combines a solidly Christian foundation with educational methods that are a blend of the old and the new.  It is an approach that has produced consistently excellent academic results for 30 years.

A Bit of the Old,   A Bit of the New in our . . .Educational Approach

The traditional . . . Literacy is the foundational tool for getting a good education.  Our elementary grades produce literate children, able to read fluently, write legibly, and even spell.  The K5 program is an early literacy program.  That's right, our kindergarten students read.  The lower elementary grades emphasize phonics.  Upper elementary grades focus on developing this ever-growing comprehension and fluency.

Similarly, in arithmetic, lower grades focus on being accurate and fluent in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, learning to tell time, counting money, and much more.  Upper elementary grades advance further to excel in fractions, percents, decimals, and measurements.  Beginning geometric and algebraic concepts are also emphasized.

All the important core subjects are taught well at VBCS.  We use the nationally recognized A Beka curriculum which has a tried and tested standing as a model of educational excellence.  Drilling and repetition are emphasized so that students know the answers!  All in all, this traditional approach to academics gives students the skill to approach future upper level concepts with great confidence.