Preschool Application
Dutch Fork
Building Academic Excellence with Biblical Character Since 1984
We Believe the Holy Scriptures Teach:

- that the Bible in Its original documents is the inspired Word of God.  It has been preserved by God for us
     today, and It is final in Its content, and without error in Its statements.         
- that there is one God eternally existent and all-powerful, Creator of heaven and earth and all things, Who is
     manifested to us in three persons - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

- that the Lord Jesus Christ is Godís only begotten Son, fully God in the flesh, who came and lived a sinless life
     here on our earth.

- that He gave up His divine life willingly as the complete and sacrificial payment for every personís sins, and that
     He bodily arose again from death after three days.

- that every person needs Christ as Savior because they are lost apart from Him.

- that every person who chooses of their own free will to believe Godís record of His Son, trusting in the Lord Jesus
     Christ as Savior, is sure to go to Heaven.  Their salvation can never be removed, lost, or changed in any way.
     They are eternally secure because their salvation is by grace through their faith in Jesus Christ, and has been
     accomplished through the finished work of Christ rather than by their own works.

- that this trust in Christ bringing one salvation is not Biblical saving faith unless it is trust in Christ alone.   Christ +
      baptism, or Christ + obedience, or Christ + surrender do not = Christ alone.

- that, having trusted in Christ, a believer should partake of  believerís baptism, communion, and get involved in  
     living for Christ at a local, Bible-believing and Gospel-preaching church.

- that it is the duty of every Christian to preach the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

- that sign gifts were temporary and fully ceased when Godís written record was complete.  These include the
     charismatic gifts such as speaking in tongues, or the Apostolic gifts such as miraculous healing or raising of the
     dead.  As Acts 2:8 states ďHow hear we every man in our own tongue wherein we were born?Ē 

- that it is Godís will in the present church age that He be revealed to us through His Word and the convicting and
     enlightening work of the Holy Spirit  who indwells every believer at the moment of their salvation.

- that the Lord Jesus Christ will return at any moment to catch His bride, the Church, away.

- that the only form of marriage recognized by God is the union of one man with one woman.