Preschool Application
Dutch Fork
Building Academic Excellence with Biblical Character Since 1984
Victory Bible Christian School was founded in 1984 as a ministry of Victory Bible Baptist Church for church families who desired a Christian education for their children. Since its founding, the school has built an outstanding Christian and academic record and has grown to include grades K4-12. Since August of 1986, our school has chosen to use the Abeka DVD program, which has proven to be a tremendous tool for maintaining excellent academics in a variety of grades in a small school setting. Students enjoy both live and DVD teaching and receive high levels of personal attention and help. Our students consistently score well above the national average on standardized testing.

            Victory Bible Christian School has two school verses, which help to highlight the philosophy with which we approach education: 1 Samuel 2:30-"Them that honor Me I will honor" and Colossians 2:3-"In whom [Christ] are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge."

Purpose and Mission
            Victory Bible Christian School was founded for the sole purpose of ministering to families and their children by providing a quality education from a biblical perspective. God expects Christian parents to train up their children "in the way they should go. VBCS exists as a church school to support that role and to extend the teaching ministry of Victory Bible Baptist Church. Students are admitted with the understanding that they and their parents desire biblical convictions and godly lives. The school purposes to see children develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and become followers of Christ.

            Victory Bible Christian School seeks to carry out its purpose by
o training students to fully believe God's Word, the Bible.
o teaching students to abide by God's Word in both belief and practice, in accordance with the doctrinal statement of Victory Bible Baptist Church as found in its church constitution. These doctrines and standards include but are not limited to those listed in our We Believe the Holy Scriptures Teach, which you will read and sign. Parents desiring to read the entire church doctrinal statement are encouraged to request a copy.
o providing a consistent example of godliness and wholehearted Christian living to students.
o teaching students to live by high moral standards and develop quality character.
o teaching students to live for God.
o teaching all subjects from a biblical worldview.